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Dr. Kamel Mohanna

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-         Born in Khiam village (South Lebanon), in 1943

-         “Docteur d’Etat” in medicine, “Tours” University, France

-         Pediatric specialist, “Grenoble” University

-         He practices medicine since 1973, within two private clinics, the Orthdox hospital as well as popular dispensaries

-         Pediatrician hired by the Ministry of Health

-         Pediatric Professor at the Faculty of Public Health, Lebanese University (UL)

-         President of Amel Association

-         President of the Governmental commission for war injured

-         General Coordinator of the Lebanese NGOs Network

-         General Coordinator of the Arab NGOs Network

-         WHO expert (World Health Organization)

-         Member of the Great Council of Health in Lebanon

-         Observer Member of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner program (with the UN refugee Agency) -1999



-         Distinction attributed by the Lebanese College of Physician, Beirut June 2000.

-         Man of the Year and veteran of Culture, Cultural Movement of Antelias, Lebanon, in March 2000.

-         Chevalier from the National Order of the Cedar, Lebanon, President Elias el Haraoui, 1998.

-         Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, President Jacques Chirac, France, 1997.

-         Laure and Joseph Moghaizel Award for Human Rights and Civil Peace, attributed to Amel Association, association he founded and presides, Lebanon, 1998.

-         Order of Merit from the Lebanese committee for peace, Lebanon, 1995. 

-         Order of Merit for his contribution to the human condition improvement, the Lebanese Committee for Peace.

-         Symbol of Love and Donation, National Day of the Child, Lebanon, 1974.




Dr Kamel Mohanna was living in his native village of Khiam (South Lebanon) when he decided to study medicine. He studied in France and, during that time, was elected secretary-general of the United Lebanese Students. This event was a chance to be acquainted with democratic and Human Rights values.

Once graduated, he went to Yemen where he lived his first experience as a volunteer Doctor. During six months, he assisted the most disadvantaged populations and participated in the elaboration of a Primary Health Care Program.

Back to Lebanon in 1973, he was hired by the “Saint-Georges” Hospital and the Ministry of Health. He was also volunteering within popular dispensaries in Beirut Southern Suburbs.


Doctor Kamel Mohanna became fully involved in the humanitarian field since 1975, at the beginning of the civil war. He was a volunteer Doctor in the areas of North- Metn. He was nominated President of the Sanitary Committee in Bourj Hammoud, Sin El Fil and Nabba areas. During the blockade of this region, which lasted more than one year, he was most of the time the only doctor and had to practice different medical specialties. He also worked 40 days in collaboration with Dr Bernard Kouchner, who was president of “Médecins sans frontières”. Their friendship was born through this collaboration.


In 1977, he founded Najdeh Association, in order to improve inhabitants’ standard of living in Palestinian camps in Lebanon.


During the second Israeli invasion of South Lebanon, Khiam inhabitants were displaced and the 50 elderly persons who refused to leave the village were killed. Following this terrible event, Dr Kamel Mohanna founded the NGO Amel Association with a group of doctors, teachers, journalists and intellectuals to provide relief and emergency aid to the most underprivileged war victims. During the war, Amel Association achieved an important role in relief and emergency field of action, with a substantial network of dispensaries, clinics, medical centers, and a civil defense team of more than 250 volunteers.


Furthermore, Amel actively participated in sending 1.100 victims of war casualties to receive treatments abroad (France, Italy, Belgium, USA and Kuwait) and took part in a rehabilitation program for the war handicapped, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Dutch government.


In 1989, following the Taef Agreement ratifying the end of the Lebanese conflict, Amel operated a strategic shift from emergency aid and relief work to sustainable and durable development. However, emergency aid continued to be provided in unstable regions such as the Bekaa and the south of the country.


1994 until 1997 have been active years for Dr Mohanna who participated in several international meetings such as the Copenhagen Summit, the General Assembly of United Nations held in New York and the Arabs NGOs commission held in Cairo (organization in which he became the committee director for a few years).


While supervising the evolution of Amel Association, Dr Mohanna received many decorations for his actions during the war. In 1998, Dr Mohanna was decorated with the Order of Honor on behalf of President Jacques Chirac for his participation in the project for injured persons who  received treatments abroad. He also received the Civil Peace and Human Rights Prize (Joseph and Laure Moghaizel Foundation) in collaboration with the UNDP Program.


During this post-war period, Dr Mohanna registered twice for the legislatives elections.


In 1999, Amel Association supervised the management and prevention of catastrophes program. In addition to these engagements in prevention programs, Dr Mohanna stressed the importance to develop sanitarian programs and have found a wide support in the European Commission for this project. Since 2004, many others development programs have been created, targeting the youth formation in Beirut and the agriculture development in Tyr and Marjayoun regions. Dr Mohanna is supervising directly those actions.


In 2000, he received several prizes and distinctions, honoring his perpetual struggle for Lebanon.


Dr Mohanna is nowadays, in addition to his work in Amel Association, practicing Pediatrics and teaching at the University. He is also the General Coordinator of the Lebanese NGOs Network, through which he launched recently a nation-wide campaign entitled "Khallas", a civil society initiative urging politicians to end the current deadlock in Lebanon.  


Dr Mohanna has dedicated the 2007 year to information. Indeed, he attended several international conferences and meetings in order to inform the international community about the situation of Lebanon. He explained the necessary actions, the ones provided by Amel Association and the aim of his struggle: a better civil society for a better life.


Lastly, he participated in the Saint-Cloud Conference held by the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, as a representative of civil society.

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